22 Political Parties Register For October Elections

Voter casting ballot

For this year’s elections to the Chamber of Deputies, 22 electoral groups submitted candidate lists. There are about a third fewer of them than in the last election four years ago. At that time, 31 parties and movements supplied candidates. The deadline for nominations ended today at 16:00. As in previous years, not all groups registered their adepts for deputies in all regions.

Voters could have the largest selection in Prague and in the South Moravian Region, where 21 candidates were submitted. On the contrary, 17 candidates met in the Karlovy Vary, Ústí nad Labem, Liberec and Hradec Králové regions.

As expected, the candidate lists were submitted by all parliamentary parties, which according to polls have a chance to re-occupy parliamentary seats. YES, SPD, CSSD, and KSCM run separately, ODS, KDU-CSL and TOP 09 formed a coalition Together, the coalition candidate was also formed by Pirates with Mayors.

Representatives of the Tricolor joined the Private and the Free as one electoral party. He would also like to keep his Free Bloc seats in the Chamber. However, according to surveys, the new movement The Oath of Former Policeman Robert Šlachta is more favored.

The New Electoral Party is also the Sources Movement, which includes, among others, the Path of Responsible Society and the National Freedom Party. Similarly, there are representatives of the Reasonable or the Democratic Green Party in the Alliance for the Future. Among other things, they will compete in the Alliance of National Forces. Newcomers also include the Open Czechs to Normal Life movement, which fights, among other things, against coronavirus measures, as well as the Seniors 21 movement, the Swiss Democracy movement, and the newly registered anarchist party Nevolte Urza.cz.

The candidates were also submitted by the Greens, the Moravians, the Moravian Land Movement, the monarchist Czech Crown Party, the Left Party, and the Volte Pravý blok party as one of the electoral matadors running in the capital.

In the coming days, the regional authorities and the Prague City Hall will check whether the parties and movements and their candidates have met all the requirements required by the electoral law. Flawless candidates will register on August 20. The elections will take place on October 8 and 9.