Andrej Babis


ANO Responds as Chorus Grows Louder to Replace Babis

Prague, (CTK) – The ANO board unanimously confirmed Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) as its only candidate for prime minister for another government today, ANO deputy chairwoman Jaroslava Pokorna Jermanova has told journalists.


Last week, Babis admitted that a different ANO official might become the prime minister.


The rest of the parties refuse a coalition government along with Babis, arguing that the post of prime minister cannot be held by a man facing criminal prosecution.


Last week, the Chamber of Deputies released for prosecution Babis and Jaroslav Faltynek, head of the ANO deputy group, over their implication in an EU subsidy fraud.


Last week, the Babis’ minority government did not receive confidence in the Chamber of Deputies. On Wednesday, it will tender its resignation to President Milos Zeman.


Zeman said earlier he would ask Babis to form another government even for the second time.


Faltynek said ANO would negotiate with other parties on a coalition or support for a minority government.


On Tuesday, it will meet Communists, on Wednesday the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and then with the rest of the parties.