APS Holding’s Profits Drop To Kc110 Million In 2017

Prague, Aug 24 (CTK) – APS Holding, a Prague-based company providing debt collection services, decreased its net profit annually from EUR4.9m (Kc126m) to EUR4.3m (Kc110m) in 2017, the company told CTK.


The drop was due to one-off costs related to the company’s expansion abroad, and the introduction of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), APS Holding said.


The nominal value of portfolios managed by APS Holding reached record-breaking EUR5.5bn (Kc141bn) in 2017, with the company opening branches in Croatia, Hungary and Cyprus.


In 2017, APS Holding managed another expansion, APS head and owner Martin Machon said adding that the published figures confirm his estimates for the individual markets.


In 2018, the company wants to enter the Greek market and strengthen its position in the Balkans and Central Europe.


APS Holding is trying to establish itself on the Austrian market which it considers a gate of Western Europe, financial and operation director Antonin Pfleger said.


APS Holding was established in 2004 in Prague. It provides its services in 15 European countries.