Matt Atlas

Average Wages Increased 7.2% In Q2

The Czech Statistical Office released second-quarter wage data today. Czech nominal wages grew 7.2% in the second quarter y/y reaching CZK 34,105, breaking the CZK 34,000 mark for the first time. After accounting for inflation, real wages increased by 4.3% y/y.

The number of employees rose by 0.5%. Wages grew 1.7% over the previous quarter. 

Median Wages

The median wage grew 6.9% to CZK 29,127.00 y/y. Two-thirds of workers are making less than the average salary. 

Gender Pay Gap

Female employees earned 20% less than their male counterparts. The median wage for males reached CZK 31,764 while female median wages are CZK 26,375. 

2019 Forecast

Analysts predict wage growth will remain healthy through the end of 2019. But will not reach last years record wage growth of 7.6%