Babis Appeals Council Decision In Conflict Of Interest Case

Andrej Babis Agrofert

Prime Minister Andrej Babis has appealed a new decision in his conflict of interest case. The Cernosice local council office is conducting administrative proceedings against the Prime Minister for violating the Conflict of Interest Act.


The case was referred to the local council by Transparency International after they uncovered evidence that Babis never relinquished control over Agrofert. The Prime Minister attempted to avoid scrutiny by transferring ownership to trust funds that he is the primary beneficiary of.


The Department of Misdemeanors of the Municipal Office issued a new decision on 2 August but did not publish it. Babis appealed the ruling on Tuesday.  The local authorities have 30 days to hand over the dossier to the appellate authority for review.


The office previously ruled Babis violated the law and fined him 200,000 crowns. The prime minister appealed, and the case went to the regional authority, which overturned the decision in March and sent the case back to Cernosice for reconsideration.