Andrej Babis

Matt Atlas

Babis Blasts EU For Meddling In Czech Affairs

Prime Minister Andrej Babis accused the European Parliament of “interference” after it voted for mechanisms to stop the misuse of EU subsidies.

Babis is suspected of a conflict of interest as the owner of the Agrofert food, chemicals and media holding receiving EU subsidies, and a politician deciding on where the subsidies will end up.

Babis transferred Agrofert to trust funds in 2017, but data shows he still controls the group.

European lawmakers called on the European Commission to introduce measures to prevent conflict of interest on Friday.

Babis said European lawmakers “incited steps concerning specific criminal proceedings on Czech territory without specific knowledge or evidence.”

“I think this can be perceived as proof of political and media pressure on the Czech judiciary and interference in internal affairs,” Babis said in a statement published by the CTK news agency.

“It is unnecessary to comment on lies of the useless European institution that costs more than CZK 55 billion and is filled with lazy parasites and green fanatics who endanger our industry,” Babis added.

Babis is also facing charges over EU subsidy fraud linked to a farm near Prague, which he divested from Agrofert to make it eligible for a subsidy for smaller companies.

MEPs also condemned Babis for hate speech targeting a European Parliament delegation, which visited Prague in February.

At that time, Babis labelled as “deranged” European lawmaker Monica Hohlmeier, who led the mission of the parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control.

He also called two Czech members of the mission “informers and traitors”.

Babis said Friday’s parliamentary resolution was inspired by “Czech MEPs who do their best to harm the Czech Republic in Brussels.”