Babis Brags: V4 ‘Best In Covid’

Andrej Babis Prime Minister Czech Republic

Prime Minister Andrej Babis admitted that his government did not manage the covid-19 epidemic well last September when it came to the return of children to school and people on holiday. However, his August statement “Best in Covid” was taken out of context and misused by some journalists and the opposition, he said. Babiš said this before today’s departure to the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia, where he will discuss the future of Europe with the prime ministers of several other European countries and EU institutions, including its recovery from the covid-19 pandemic.

“Now I was watching the video from last year, for which some journalists and the opposition scoff at me for saying ‘Best in covid’, but I said ‘V4’ (that is, the V4 countries – Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary ), “Babiš said today. “Then, of course, we did not manage to return to school in September and from the holidays, we hope that we will manage much better this year,” he added, adding that the vaccinations and infertility of the population will also help.

“The situation is such that in terms of a seven-day incidence per hundred thousand inhabitants, the V4 states are the best, so it’s exactly the same as last year, when it was also true, but if it is taken out of context, then it is abused. , “the Czech Prime Minister also said.

The statement “Best in Covid” was delivered by Babiš last August 31 at the Bled Strategic Forum. A month later, the second wave of the disease began in the Czech Republic, much stronger than in the spring of 2020, and after a sharp increase in the number of infected and deceased, the Czech Republic became one of the worst affected countries in the world in terms of population.

Babish also said today that, according to a new study from Israel, innate immunity after overcoming covid is “perhaps more effective than vaccination.” “So the Ministry of Health should make it clear,” the prime minister said. He added that he had held the first round table on the matter and was now waiting for documents that should provide the government with a better picture of the matter.