Babis Calls For EU Ban On All Illegal Migrants

Andrej Babis

We have the people to help but in their country, Prime Minister Andrej Babis said in a speech before Czech ambassadors about migrants heading for Europe. “If I’m talking about not wanting to accept one migrant, it’s because it’s a symbol. We should negotiate with the states of North Africa and have the Marshall Plan for Africa,” Babis told the Foreign Ministry.


He wants to talk about it with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Contem, whom he meets on Tuesday. Italy is pushing for the other European countries to share the migrants heading for Europe.


Babis also said he does not agree with the planned increase in funds for the European agency Frontex to EUR 10.3 billion. “I am not convinced that we should increase the Frontex budget,” Babis said.


The money should be made directly by the Mediterranean countries of Italy, Spain, Greece or Malta, which, according to the Czech Prime Minister, could be more concerned with protecting the European maritime border than with Frontex. Meanwhile, according to him, Europe is rather acting by telling those heading for Europe to try to get to the European continent and then have the chance to get asylum.


“We are a solid part of the West, no one can question it. The question is how we perform. I’m trying to be active. When I say that I want to promote our national interests, it is nothing anti-European, “the prime minister said. Europe, according to him, must save his identity and civilization.


“If anyone talks about Czexit, it threatens our future,” said Babis. Speaking in front of Czech ambassadors, he also talked about the need for a European Union reform. The EU, according to him, has to return to its essence, a safe continent based on a prosperous market, free movement of people, goods, services and capital. He said that if the eurozone does not reform, the Czech Republic’s accession to it is not a topic for it.

Uncontrolled migration is a fundamental risk, said Minister Hamacek


According to Jan Hamacek, the Minister of the Interior, who is also in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the problem of illegal migration is also crucial. “Uncontrolled migration is a fundamental security risk for Europe,” Hamacek said.


“The world around us has changed and not for the better,” said the CSSD chief. Climate change can drive millions of Africans out of Africa and become a detonator of war conflicts. Therefore, it is in the interest of Europe to create a belt of prosperity and security around us. But if we are to provide assistance to African states, we must also ask them to genuinely engage in the fight against illegal migration.


We will not impose who will work or live with us, said Babis.