Andrej Babis


Babis Celebrates Social Democrats Decision To Join His Government

Andrej Babiš, ANO, CSSD, Jan Hamacek

Prague, June 15 (CTK) – Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO), who was entrusted for the second time to form a government, welcomed the result of the Social Democrat (CSSD) referendum which approved the party’s joining the cabinet along with ANO today.


Babis told journalists he would meet Social Democrat leader Jan Hamacek on Saturday, and on Sunday, he would pass a list of government members to President Milos Zeman.


The new government is to rely on the support of the Communists (KSCM) in the Chamber of Deputies.


Babis said the confidence vote in the the Chamber of Deputies could be held on July 11.


“If it gains confidence, the government may be successful,” Babis said.


He said he would apply the same standards on each government member and would insist on the government implementing its policy statement.


Babis said he would like to meet the candidates for the ministers.


He said he would speak with Hamacek about the nomination of Social Democrat Miroslav Poche for the post of foreign minister on Saturday.


Zeman rejects the nomination, while the Social Democrats insist on Poche.


“I will certainly discuss it with Hamacek and I will submit the proposal to Zeman,” Babis said.


Babis did not disclose the names of the candidates for the new government for ANO. Some of its current ministers are supposed not to be in it again.


Babis was scheduled to meet the CSSD nominee for the post of labour and social affairs minister, Petr Krcal, but the meeting was cancelled and its new date has not yet been fixed.


Later in the afternoon, the Social Democrat candidate for the post of agriculture minister, Miroslav Toman, came to Babis.


They discussed the priorities in the sphere of agriculture.


“I say that our views of everything concur,” Toman told CTK after the meeting.


He said the EU regional development programme, the fight against the bark-beetle calamity in Czech forests, the drought, water and quality of food were his priorities.


When it comes to the EU, the Czech Republic should not lose any money from the agricultural budget, Toman said.


“We must not allow the capping of the payments,” he added.