Andrej Babis

Petr Dubinsky

Babis Found In Conflict Of Interest By Senate Commission

Prime Minister Andrej Babis has been found in conflict of interest by the Senate commission. The commission plans to invite Babis to discuss the matter. The full Senate will be notified of the findings next week.


“Based on the information available to it, the commission has come to the preliminary conclusion that the Prime Minister has a conflict of interest,” Zdeněk Nytra, the chairman, said. The commission will invite Andrej Babis to appear before them. Babiš denies he has a conflict of interest


According to Nytr, preliminary conclusions also point to the fact that the Ministry of Finance, Agriculture and Regional Development acted inappropriately by withholding documents. However, the Senate committee will not take action against the ministries.


The ministries had argued that the European Commission audits should not be provided to third parties. Nytra, however, noted a recent EC ruling stating the Senate can obtain preliminary audits and keep them confidential.


The commission will request that the Senate extend its mandate, which expires in January until October of next year.