Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis


Babis has Secret Police Mentality: Dennik N

Bratislava, Feb 14 (CTK) – The main problem of Andrej Babis, Czech prime minister in resignation, is not that he was an agent of the Communist StB secret service, but that he has the StB mentality, Slovak daily Dennik N writes today.


On Wednesday, the Regional Court in Bratislava dismissed the lawsuit in which Babis challenged as unrightful his registration as a former Czechoslovak communist secret police (StB) agent in StB files.


Babis, 63, a Slovak-born billionaire, entered politics in the Czech Republic in the early 2010s. His ANO movement was part of the Czech government from 2014 and smoothly won last October’s general election.


“Babis’s main problem is not that he was an StB agent and that he told lies about this. The problem is that he keeps lying about everything constantly and that he won elections with lies,” Dennik N writes.


“There is the disaster for the Czech Republic that it is headed by a man with the StB mentality and moral principles, using the StB methods to gain uncontrolled power and to weaken democracy,” it adds.


A large portion of Czech voters do not mind the StB morals and methods.


The decision made by the Bratislava court put an end to the dangerous populist’s efforts to falsify his personal and common history by means of courts that lasted for years, Dennik N writes.