Miroslav Kalousek and Andrej Babis


Babis Refuses To Apologise For Calling Top 09 Head A Drunk In Parliament

Andrej Babiš

Prague/Brussels, July 12 (CTK) – Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) does not intend to apologise TOP 09 leader Miroslav Kalousek for having called him a drunkard and thief during the debate preceding the vote of confidence on Thursday, Babis told journalists today.

Babis said he was not planning to sue the demonstrators who threw various things at him when he came out of the building of the parliament during its session either.

Kalousek said Babis had committed a perjury in the Capi hnizdo EU subsidy fraud due to which Babis is facing a criminal prosecution.

“I do not know how many per thousands [of alcohol in blood] does the drunkard Kalousek have today, the thief. You will not offend me and you will not offend my children,” Babis said.

Kalousek then said he would ask Babis to apologise, adding that he hoped that the dispute would not have to be taken to court.

Babis said he would not apologise.

“Kalousek permanently offends me, just look at his twitter, at the way he vulgarly offends me. He has also offended my family and there are the moments I cannot tolerate,” he added.

Babis said there were the recordings at which Kalousek was unable to speak because he had two to three thousands [of alcohol in his blood].

“For me, he has always been a symbol of corruption,” Babis said.

Babis’s government of ANO and the Social Democrats, backed by the Communists, eventually won the confidence vote.