Babis Ties to Communist StB Secret Service Continue to Haunt

Andrej Babis

Prague, (CTK) – The Civic Democratic Party (ODS) will not support Prime Minister Andrej Babis’s government in the confidence vote because it was only agreed on by President Milos Zeman and Babis (ANO), ODS leader Petr Fiala said in the debate in the Chamber of Deputies before the vote today.


Communist (KSCM) leader Vojtech Filip said the government policy statement was not meeting the main aims of the Communist Party.


However, Communists are ready to conduct further talks with ANO. A similar view was expressed by Pavel Belobradek, leader of the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL).


“The KDU-CSL has never ruled out a coalition with ANO, we are prepared for talks,” Belobradek said.


However, there is no reason to express confidence in the Babis’s government because it has not gained any support or tolerance by negotiations, Belobradek said.


In its name, the Babis’ government should not have the epithet “a better Czech Republic,” but “promise whatever you want,” Pirates leader Ivan Bartos said.


Although the Pirates agree with some points in the policy statement, they do not believe that the government is ready to insist on it, just because there is no money for this in this year’s budget, Bartos said.


He went on to criticise Babis’s implementation of the electronic registration of sales (EET) and the subsidy policy.


Billionaire Babis is facing a criminal prosecution over an EU subsidy fraud.


Jan Farsky, chairman of the deputy group of the Mayors and Independents (STAN), said Babis was facing both current and past criminal cases. He should admit that he cannot be a trustworthy prime minister, he added.


Farsky mentioned Babis’s registration in the files of agents of the Communist StB secret service, the privatisation of the Unipetrol chemical giant and subsidies for the Capi hnizdo farm.


“I am still haunted by Babis’s past,” Farsky said.


In connection with the cases, Babis could use or abuse his position.


“Do not be angry with me, but I simply do not trust him,” Farsky said.


Fiala stressed that Zeman had appointed Babis’s one-party government without having tried to gain a clear majority in the Chamber of Deputies.


If it gains the confidence, the balance of power in the Czech Republic could be distorted, Fiala said.


The vote of confidence is scheduled to be held later today. Zeman has delivered a speech in support of the government.