Andrej Babis


Babis’s Communist StB Agent Registration Upheld By Courts

Andrej Babiš, Communist StB Agent, Slovakia

Bratislava, June 8 (CTK) – The Supreme Court verdict over whether Czech PM Andrej Babis is rightly registered as an agent of the Communist StB, which rejected his appellate review has confirmed the position of the Slovak Nation’s Memory Institute (UPN), its spokesman Jergus Sivos said today.


The Slovak lower-level court previously ruled in favour of Babis, but the Slovak Constitutional Court (US) cancelled the definitive verdicts of the regional and supreme courts.


The US ruled that the UPN should not be the defendant in the disputes over the registration in the StB archives, which was a breakthrough verdict.


The Regional Court in Bratislava rejected Babis’s lawsuit challenging as unrightful his registration as an StB agent in February. Babis filed a petition for appellate review of the verdict, which the Supreme Courts turned down.


Babis said this week that he would like to sue Slovakia with the European Human Rights Court over the StB case.


The UPN, which administers the StB files in Slovakia, also said the publication of the transcribed documents of the former StB had been ordered to it by the law.


According to archive documents, Babis became an StB confidant in 1980. In 1982, he was won over for cooperation with the StB as an agent, codenamed Bures.


However, Babis has denied the allegations and he has several times turned to courts over his plea.