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William Malcolm

Doosan Bobcat Opens New European HQ In Dobříš

Doosan Bobcat announced the opening of its new European headquarters in Dobříš.


Bobcat has been operating in Dobříš since 2007, this year alone investments in Dobříš area will reach half a billion crowns. Last year’s Doosan Bobcat EMEA revenues amounted to approximately CZK 19.6 billion, while the Dobříš factory produced a record 17,206 machines. This year, the company plans a 20% increase in production and for the first time, manufactured over 20,000 machines.


“During the time of Doosan Bobcat’s operations in the Czech Republic, we invested approximately three billion CZK, increased production five times, and more than tripled the number of employees,” said Otero. In the future, the company counts on further recruitment of blue-collar professions and expert positions in development.


Minister of Industry Karel Havlicek said the investment by Doosan Bobcat shows that the Czech Republic has a lot to offer to foreign companies. President of the Confederation of Industry Jaroslav Hanák appreciated that the company produces products with significant added value, has an R&D facility and exports. The significant advantage is the location of the complex by the D4 motorway. “When the vast amount goes to export, and you have a quality logistics company, then it is very interesting,” Hanak said.