Canis Safety Turnover Grows To Kc2 Billion

Canis Safety

Prague, Sept 19 (CTK) – Canis Safety, an importer, producer and distributor of personal protective equipment at workplace, saw its 2017 turnover rise by 8 percent to Kc2bn, the company said in a press release today but did not disclose the information on its profit size.


It generated a profit of Kc147m in 2016.


Wholesale is a long-term driver of the company’s performance, which is why it is expanding its storage facilities this year, said company CEO Leonard Mynar.


Nearly a third of the turnover is generated abroad, this year’s new destinations being Eastern European and Polish markets.


Canis Safety runs a network of 27 retail stores. Most of its own products are sold under the name CXS, a brand the company wants to promote in the future.


The company was set up in 1993 as an association of two individuals, Jaromir and Jiri Rataj brothers, becoming a joint-stock company in 2003.


Canis Safety currently employs more than 700 people.