Caslav Air Base to Host Sky Avenger Exercises in June

Caslav, Central Bohemia,  (CTK) – The Czech air base in Caslav, 80 km east of Prague, will host the Sky Avenger 2018 international exercise on June 18-29, the base’s spokesman Tomas Maruscak has told CTK.


“Apart from air combat manoeuvring and cooperation with forward air controllers, the training will also focus on missions with comprehensive scenarios,” the exercise’s deputy commander Tomas Merta said.


Gripen fighter jets and L-159 Alca combat planes from the Caslav base as well as Mi24/35 and Mi-171 helicopters from Namest nad Oslavou, south Moravia, will represent the Czech air forces. The United States will send F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft and the KC-135 Stratotanker, a refueling tanker.


The exercise is planned withing long-term cooperation with the Texas and Nebraska National Guard.


Cooperation between the Czech military and the Texas and Nebraska National Guard started in 1993. The original goal was to help the Czech military join NATO, now they cooperate in commanding, cyber security, bomb disposal and protection against weapons of mass destruction. Joint exercises are organised in the Czech Republic and Texas.