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Matt Atlas

Milos Zeman

Zeman Can’t Perform Duties Due To Health

According to the statement of the Central Military Hospital (ÚVN), President Miloš Zeman is currently unable to perform any work duties for health reasons. This was announced today by the chairman of the Senate Miloš Vystrčil (ODS) with reference to the statements of the director of ÚVN and Zeman’s attending physician Miroslav Zavoral. According to Vystrčil, the ...

Matt Atlas

Andrej Babis

Babis Prepared To Step Aside After Losing Election

The current Prime Minister and head of ANO Andrej Babiš will not accept an authorization from President Miloš Zeman to negotiate a cabinet as the leader of the strongest party. He is ready with his movement to hand over the government to the emerging coalition of five parties without obstruction and to join the opposition. Babiš has ...

Petr Dubinsky

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister To Visit Czech Republic

At the end of October, three Taiwanese ministers and a business delegation will visit the Czech Republic. The visit follows on from last year’s Senate mission to Taiwan. The Senate Foreign Affairs Committee recommended to the government that it use the visit to deepen mutual dialogue and mediate the establishment of business cooperation, for example in the ...

Matt Atlas

Pavol Krupa Milos Zeman

The Untouchables: Will Zeman’s Cronies Ever Face Prosecution?

In August and September 2021, a key proceeding took place at an American court regarding the lawsuit filed by Zdenek Bakala against a Slovak-Czech businessman and friend of President Milos Zeman, Pavel Krupa. The result mirrors the situation in Czech politics and the media. A detailed 17-page statement of reasons for Judge David Norton’s judgment ...

Petr Dubinsky

Zeman Bars Russia, China From Dukovany Tender

Russian and Chinese companies will not be able to participate in any way in the construction of the new unit of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. Security guarantees in the so-called low-carbon law, signed by President Miloš Zeman, provide for this. ČTK was informed about it by its spokesman. The law envisages that only technologies from suppliers ...

Petr Dubinsky

Okamura Sets Czexit Referendum As Condition For Post Vote Talks

At today’s meeting in Lány, Tomio Okamura, chairman of the Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) movement, told President Miloš Zeman that a referendum law, including the possibility of voting to withdraw from the European Union or the North Atlantic Alliance, is a condition for any negotiations on the government. (NATO). He asked the head of state ...

Petr Dubinsky

Poland Says Turow Mine Will Continue To Operate Despite EU Fine

The Polish government said today that mining at the Turów mine near the Czech border will continue, Reuters reported. The Court of Justice of the European Union today fined Poland half a million euros (12.7 million crowns) a day for failing to stop mining, despite a preliminary court ruling in May. According to Reuters, the CEO ...

Petr Dubinsky

Moscow Expects Czech Republic To Release Franchetti

Russia wants the Czech Republic to release Russian Alexander Franchetti, who was detained in Prague on Sunday. According to the TASS agency, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharov, said today that Prague should not politicize the case. According to her, his release to Ukraine will have consequences. Frančetti was detained by the Czech police at ...