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CEFC Sells Stake In Canaria Travel Tour Operator

CEFC, CITIC, Miloš Zeman, Ye Jianming

Prague, July 17 (CTK) – Chinese group CEFC got rid of its 49.99 percent stake in Canaria Travel tour operator which it had bought from Unimex Group and EH Group last year in October, show data from the Register of Companies where CEFC’s name is no more among the shareholders, server E15 Premium wrote on Monday.


Canaria Travel’s owners are now TO-Servis and newly Unimex Group again, the server added.


“Unimex Group has bought back its stake in Canaria Travel,” Unimex’s co-owner Jiri Simane said without closer details.


Moreover, Unimex gained control over Canaria Travel in July when it was the only one to take part in raising of the tour operator’s share capital. The share capital increase was approved at a general meeting at the beginning of July.


Unimex Group currently controls some 75 percent in Canaria Travel and the remaining one quarter is in the hands of TO-Servis of Lenka Vikova.


CEFC has not reacted to the sent questions, the server noted. It is thus not clear whether CEFC sold its stake in the tour operator due to the financial problems of its parent group or for some other reason.


Canaria Travel specialises in the Canary Islands, its sales reached Kc487m in 2016.


Canaria Travel is not the only investment which CEFC gave up on the Czech market. Last year in September, the Chinese investor left Medea Group and Empresa Media media groups, exercising the right to return the stake to Jaromir Soukup, the original owner.


Due to the recent problems of Chinese group CEFC, plans for investments in several real properties in Prague and for the purchase of Nova television will not materialise, either, the server noted.