William Malcolm

CETIN Picks Ericsson For Czech 5G Network Rollout

The largest domestic owner of the telecommunications infrastructure, CETIN from the PPF Group, has concluded a contract for constructing the 5G network and the modernization of its existing mobile networks with Ericsson. The total value of the contract and the amount that CETIN will invest in the modernization of its mobile access network and the construction of 5G reaches the order of billions of crowns.

The contract’s conclusion is the completion of a tender that assessed the bids of the tenderers according to a predetermined set of commercial, technical, and security criteria. Other companies that offer 5G are, for example, the Chinese Huawei or Nokia.

In addition to the construction of an optical network, CETIN’s largest technological investment is to date. Extensive planned generational replacement of existing GSM, 3G, and LTE technologies is intended to improve the user experience when using mobile services, reduce the energy load of installed devices and contribute to the efficient construction of a 5G nationwide network.

“For the entire spectrum of used radio frequencies, we will have the latest 5G technology, which will bring faster data transmission with minimal latency and very high transmission capacity, which will create suitable conditions for the emergence of new business models across industries,” said CETIN CEO Martin Skop. Project preparation and testing in laboratories have already begun. After its successful completion, the company will start its implementation of the new technology.

In addition to high-speed mobile broadband for Czech customers, the new generation 5G network will enable a secure and reliable connection for critical communication. It will also allow industry automation and reliable connectivity for integrated rescue system components. Furthermore, Ericsson will upgrade more than 4,000 base stations throughout the CETIN mobile network. It covers two-thirds of the Czech Republic, including Prague, Brno and Ostrava and their surroundings. CETIN mobile networks are used, among others, by O2 or T-Mobile.

“People from all over the Czech Republic will benefit from Ericsson’s 5G portfolio, bringing a new generation of connectivity that transforms everything from manufacturing to healthcare. Ericsson’s Director for Europe and Latin America Arun Bansal.

Ericsson is one of the world’s largest suppliers of 5G technology. The first half of the year supplied 5G to operators in more than ten European countries. In total, it has concluded more than 90 contracts for the establishment of 5G networks, of which over 30 are in commercial operation. Swisscom launched the first European commercial 5G network in April 2019.