Petr Fiala

Matt Atlas

Coalition Urges Fast Transfer Of Power

The five parties of the Coalition Together (ODS, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09) and Pirates with Mayors and Independents (STAN) are ready to immediately take responsibility for the government in the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) told reporters after today’s meeting of the leaders of the emerging cabinet . He will present a list of candidates for ministerial posts to President Miloš Zeman at Wednesday’s meeting.

The chairmen of the coalition parties discussed in the Chamber of Deputies the candidates of the individual parties for members of the government today. In addition to the list, Fiala will inform the President that the cabinet is ready to take power after the YES and CSSD governments. “I will believe that the President sees the situation as much as we do, that there is a need to act quickly and there must be a new government that will begin to solve the problems with full legitimacy,” he said.

Last Thursday, the president provisionally appointed the government of Andrei Babish (YES), which had previously approved his resignation, to hold office in accordance with constitutional regulations. Fiala said that the situation was serious and that it was necessary for the Czech Republic to have a government with the confidence of the Chamber of Deputies as soon as possible. “We have been working very hard since the election, today we have everything put together and we are ready to take responsibility,” he said.

He received all ministerial nominations from the parties today, and Fiala will not publish the names yet. “It is right, necessary and polite for me to present the proposal to the president first,” he explained. He hopes that the meeting with Zeman will provide a concrete timetable for the next steps towards appointing a government.

The new coalition wants to take over the country, also in view of the unfavorable situation of the covid-19 epidemic. According to Fiala, the resigned cabinet is not taking the necessary measures quickly enough. “This is also the reason why we prepared so quickly that we could take responsibility, because the situation really cannot be postponed,” said Fiala.

The President of the Pirates, Ivan Bartoš, also commented on the vote of the Pirates’ membership base on joining the coalition agreement, which began on Friday and ended on Monday evening. The pirates approved the agreement Together and PirSTAN as the last of the five parties. Bartoš pointed out that the other parties also approved the accession to the agreement according to their rules at the appropriate level. He noted that the other parties were not surprised. The pirates will probably also vote on the nominee for the Minister of Legislation over the weekend in a national forum to which all members of the party belong. The head of the parliamentary club, Jakub Michálek, resigned last week after a debate between his teammates about the accumulation of functions.