Petr Dubinsky

Council Of Europe: Czech Prisons Rank Among Most Crowded

Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman

The Czech Republic ranks among states with a high number of prisoners, according to an international study based on data from 2016 released on Tuesday. According to the latest Council of Europe Annual Penal Statistics, the country had 213 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants the year before last.


Incarceration rates grew 7.6% year over year in he Czech Republic. Overcrowding remains a serious concern with 108 prisoners per 100 units to house them.


This places the Czech Republic in a similar bracket to such states as Albania (205 per 100,000), the Baltic States (245 per 100,000) and the rest of the former Soviet bloc.


Western European countries typically have less than 100 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants.


The Czech Republic also ranks among 13 countries judged to have overcrowded correctional facilities in the Council of Europe report.


Source: Council Of Europe