Crown Hits 7 Year High Against Euro

The Czech crown strengthened by six cents to the euro to 25.11 CZK / EUR on Wednesday, the strongest in seven years.

CNB board member Vojtech Benda said the central bank expects the crown to strengthen further, albeit not as strongly as in 2008 and 2009

Against the dollar, the Czech currency strengthened by 11 hellers, around 17:00, according to Patria Online traded for 22.52 CZK / USD.

The koruna appreciated against the euro already in the morning and was fluctuating between 25.14 and 25.10 CZK / EUR all day. It is currently the strongest against the single European currency since the end of the CNB’s intervention regime in April 2017.

The Prague Stock Exchange index reached its highest value in almost two years on Tuesday. Today’s trading, however, erased part of the previous growth.