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CSSD Tired Of ANO’s Games: Demands Babis Announce Preferred Government

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Prague, March 14 (CTK) – Czech Social Democrat (CSSD) chairman Jan Hamacek wants PM and ANO head Andrej Babis to clearly say which government he prefers at their meeting on Thursday, Hamacek told reporters today.


Babis’s ANO minority government lost a confidence vote in the Chamber of Deputies in January and resigned, but it continues ruling pending the establishment of Babis’s new cabinet about which he is negotiating with other parties.


Hamacek reminded that Babis had said in the past that the only alternative on the table was talks with the CSSD on government cooperation and support of the Communists (KSCM).


“If ANO decided to negotiate with the Civic Democrats (ODS) on a centre-right government, the Social Democrats will not assist in this,” Hamacek said today.


Babis said on Sunday he was considering proposing cooperation to the right-wing ODS.


ODS chairman Petr Fiala will meet Babis on Thursday as well.


Fiala said he was prepared to hear Babis, but that he considered Babis’s negotiations on his second government unclear and incomprehensible.


Hamacek expressed a similar view today.


ANO has become more and more unpredictable as a potential partner of late, he said. “The situation is more complex than a week ago,” he added.


The CSSD leadership will meet on Friday.


“We are prepared to reflect a possible new situation and we might even terminate the talks,” Hamacek said.


The CSSD deputy group meets this evening. Hamacek and CSSD first deputy chairman Jiri Zimola will get the MPs acquainted with the development of their talks with ANO.


The ODS has repeatedly stated that it will not enter a government headed by a prosecuted prime minister, hinting at Babis being prosecuted on suspicion of an EU subsidy fraud.


Moreover, the Civic Democrats point to ANO’s negative stance on their proposals in the Chamber of Deputies.