Czech Airlines

William Malcolm

Czech Airlines To Add Routes Despite Bankruptcy

The airline Czech Airlines (CSA) will renew further connections in the coming weeks and increase flights to European destinations. It will fly, for example, to Odessa, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Iceland, and Malta, CSA informed today. The airlines will expand their operations even though they are currently in bankruptcy and are planning a reorganization.

At present, CSA operates regular flights to Paris (daily), Stockholm (three times a week), Kyiv (daily), and Moscow (three times a week). In the coming weeks, these lines will be strengthened by additional connections.

CSA plans to renew other lines, the operation of which has been temporarily suspended. From 2 April, they plan to resume flights to Odessa, Ukraine (twice a week), then from 16 April to Amsterdam (up to daily), from 1 May to Copenhagen (up to daily), and to Icelandic Keflavík (four times a week). From 12 June, the airlines will also start flying to Malta once a week. The carrier pointed out that the gradual resumption of operations depends on developing the epidemiological situation in individual countries and the relaxation of travel arrangements.

At the same time, CSA extended the possibility of changing the date for booking tickets free of charge until the end of June. The newly selected flight must take place no later than 31 March next year. The company also continues to apply security measures onboard aircraft. It always requires passengers to confirm a negative antigen or PCR test for coronavirus before boarding.

CSA is currently in bankruptcy, which was imposed on them by a court on its motion. The company records unpaid receivables for approximately 1.8 billion crowns, of which one billion in overdue or unpaid passenger tickets, and the company owes the rest to suppliers. At the end of February, the company filed a petition with the insolvency court for a reorganization to rescue the company. The court-appointed the company Inskol as the insolvency administrator.