William Malcolm

Czech Auto Production Down 13.6% In February

In the first two months, the production of passenger cars in the Czech Republic fell by 13.6 percent year on year to 206,695 vehicles. The performance of car manufacturers was negatively affected by outages in the supply of parts, restrictions in the transport of goods, and the tense situation on the labor market. In the European Union, production fell by 22 percent in the same period.

Hyundai in Nošovice produced 37,200 cars in January and February, which is only 0.8 percent less than last year. In February, its production rose by 14 percent year on year. Škoda Auto reduced production by 12.9 percent to 140,459 cars in its domestic plants, and 29,036 vehicles were produced in Cologne-based Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech, about 28.3 percent less.

“New registrations in the EU fell by about a fifth in the first two months. From this point of view, the decline in domestic vehicle production by less than 14 percent is good news, but the situation remains difficult, “said Zdeněk Petzl, CEO of the association.” Manufacturers are forced to regroup production due to supply and other parts outages materials, as well as complications in the transport of goods due to changes at the borders, and the situation on the labor market is very tense due to staff failures “he added.

Domestic carmakers supplied 9496 electric vehicles to the market, which means a share of 4.6 percent, 1.3 percentage points more than in the previous month. Of these, 6815 cars were plug-in hybrids and 2681 electric cars.
Bus production fell 14.3 percent to 698 vehicles. In January, the decline was still one-fifth. Vysokomýtské Iveco produced 627 buses, which is a decrease of 16.7 percent. SOR Libchavy recorded a year-on-year increase of 15.5 percent when it made 67 buses, ten of which were electric.

The only motorcycle manufacturer Jawa produced 167 machines in January and February, which increased 122 motorcycles after last year’s decline.