Czech Auto Sales Down 22%

New passenger car sales in the Czech Republic fell by 22.4 percent year-on-year to 148,319 vehicles in the first three quarters of 2020. In September, the market grew by seven percent, according to the Association of Car Importers.

The slight year-on-year increase in the last month for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles does not change the negative situation. According to the association, it reflects last year’s unusually large September decline caused by the introduction of a new emission regulation.

The first is the Škoda brand, which fell by 12 percent to 56,647 cars sold, representing over 38 percent of the market. It is followed by Hyundai, whose sales fell 17 percent to 11,939 vehicles, and the third is Volkswagen, down 18 percent to 10,849 cars. Other places are the Dacia and Toyota brands, with sales of 7328 and 6879 vehicles.

The best-selling models are the Škoda Octavia (15,041), the Škoda Fabia (12,280), the Škoda Scala (6508), the Škoda Karoq (6259), and the Škoda Kamiq and the Hyundai i30 follows. For business classes, SUVs are first with a share of 35.6 percent, followed by lower medium cars with 16.9 percent and small vehicles with 16.5 percent. In terms of fuel, gasoline leads with 65.8 percent. Diesels have a share of 29.3 percent. About 72 percent of the cars were bought by companies and the rest by private individuals.

Registrations of new light commercial vehicles fell 23.5 percent to 11,933 cars.

Peugeot came in first with 1,808 registered vehicles. The second is Volkswagen and the third Fiat. Truck sales fell 34.9 percent to 5,019 cars. The first is the MAN brand, followed by Mercedes-Benz and DAF.

Sales of new buses increased by 4.2 percent to 966 vehicles. The best-selling brand is Iveco Bus, with 366 registered buses, followed by SOR and MAN.

Registrations of new motorcycles rose 8.2 percent to 18,098 machines. In September, they rose by 10.4 percent year on year. The first is the Honda brand, with 3,500 registered motorcycles. The second ended Yamaha 1,651 and the third CF Moto 1,313.