Businesses Cash in on Black Friday

Prague, Nov 30 (CTK) – Sales of Alza.cz, the largest Czech e-store, soared by 43 percent yr/yr on Black Friday thanks to which the retailer’s turnover for the past 12 months exceeded Kc20bn, its daily turnover crossing the level of Kc200m for the first time, the firm told CTK today.


Mobile phones were the best-selling product, people buying more than 55,000 units, and Alza also sold more than 12,000 televisions.


Customers bought 1.1 million items of goods altogether.


Black Friday deals rose by 60 percent annually, according to data from VIVnetworks.com. Health and wellness items, cosmetics and fashion were in high demand. The average order value was Kc2,177.


Mall.cz recorded the highest sales in the segment of big and small white goods.


O2 mobile operator’s sales of smartphones more than trebled compared to daily average sales in November. Total sales of phones in shops were 138 percent higher on an annual basis.


Heureka.cz price comparison site said the average discount in shops was only 17 percent compared to frequently advertised discounts of tens of percent.


Wormelen group, an umbrella group for toy retailers Bambule, Sparkys and HM Studio, said that sales grew by 20 percent in annual terms. “The growth rate is evident in brick-and-mortar stores as well as in e-shops where it is even higher,” said Wormelen group marketing manager Jana Krckova.


Domestic online stores registered an aggregate turnover of nearly Kc4bn during the discount week ahead of Black Friday, said the Association for Electronic Commerce.


PPL, a company specialising in parcel delivery services, recorded a 48 percent growth in volumes in November yr/yr, delivering 243,000 parcels a day.