William Malcolm

Czech Car Production Down 47% In October

Car production in the Czech Republic fell by 47 percent year on year in October due to outages caused by a lack of chips, and 68,202 passenger cars were produced. The Association of the Automotive Industry stated this in a press release. According to him, a total of 899,855 cars were produced this year, which is four percent less than in the same period last year, which was the worst since 2014.

Due to the lack of chips, Škoda Auto stopped production several times, most recently in production lines. Cologne’s Toyota resumed production on September 21, production stood here with a week-long break from August 15, before that employees were on plant-wide holidays. The association said that due to persistent restrictions and production outages, the automotive industry was calling on the government to urgently approve the temporary employment support system from the Antivirus program.

“Although the association’s current statistics only monitor the performance of carmakers, the decline in domestic and European vehicle production is causing multiple losses, especially on the part of supplier companies. , “said Zdeněk Petzl, Executive Director of the Automotive Industry Association.

The association stated that it is the only company in the Czech Republic that is able to withstand Hyundai despite the slowdown. “From January to the end of October, it produced 231,600 vehicles, ie 21.8 percent more than last year. In October, 24,300 cars were produced in Nošovice, 8.8 percent less year-on-year,” they said. According to him, Škoda Auto, which had to significantly reduce production at domestic plants during October, produced 547,174 vehicles from the beginning of the year to the end of October, up 11 percent year-on-year.

“Škoda Auto’s production fell by 59.2 percent to 32,865 in October. The chip crisis also had a significant effect on Toyota’s production in Cologne. 11,037 cars were produced in October, 49 percent less year-on-year. Toyota has produced a total of 121,081 vehicles since the beginning of the year. compared to the same period last year by 8.5 percent less, “said the association.

He pointed out that the share of electric vehicles is growing. “100,856 electric vehicles have been produced so far this year, accounting for 11.2 percent of total production, and even 14.7 percent in October alone. 58,163 battery electric cars and 42,693 plug-in hybrids have been produced since the beginning of the year,” the association said.

Bus production has fallen. By the end of October, 3,747 had been produced, down 7.2 percent year on year. Traditionally, the largest manufacturer is the Vysoké Mýto Iveco CR, which produced 3,410 buses this year. Jawa Moto, which produces motorcycles, reports growth. This year, it produced 862 machines, double what last year, according to the association’s data.