William Malcolm

Czech Companies To Spend 117 Billion Crowns On ESG By 2025

Companies in the Czech Republic plan to invest approximately 117 billion crowns in the environment and social sustainability (ESG) by 2025. At the same time, roughly two thirds of Czech companies plan to take the ESG criteria into account in their investment decisions in the next five years. 37 percent of companies have already used some form of sustainable financing, and four out of ten intend to do so. This follows from a survey conducted by HSBC on financing ESG in the Czech Republic. The bank’s officials informed about the report today at an online conference. The survey for the bank was conducted by the Ipsos agency among 300 executives in companies in the Czech Republic with more than 50 employees.

46 percent of companies described the environment and sustainability as important, but at the same time 15 percent of companies perceive this topic as unimportant. In terms of company size, international companies and companies with more than 500 employees attach more importance to this. The most common reasons for concern are concern for the environment and society and compliance with regulatory requirements and expectations. A quarter of companies said that thanks to ESG they expect higher profitability.

The survey also shows that the main areas for investment in ESG in the Czech Republic include emission-free energy (48 percent), better water management infrastructure (42 percent) and transport electrification (33 percent). According to the survey, companies focus primarily on electricity consumption, recycling and water consumption in terms of their own company priorities.

“This survey provides the most up-to-date information on the awareness, views and perceptions of ESG and sustainable financing among companies in the Czech Republic. It is encouraging that local companies take sustainability as a priority, but the Czech market still has a long way to go ESG , “said Richard Keery, CEO of HSBC in the Czech Republic.

This week, PwC also advised PwC on a global environment and investment survey. It shows that about half of investors from major investment groups, banks and brokerage firms are ready to withdraw their investments from companies that do not take sufficient steps in the environment and social sustainability. For four out of five investors, the approach of companies in the ESG is one of the decisive factors in investment decisions.