IQ Structures Invents a Better Hologram

Prague, Dec 8 (CTK) – Experts from the Czech company IQ Structures have invented a way of improving holograms and they were awarded a certificate of merit for holography innovations at a world conference in Barcelona in November, they have told CTK in a press release.


Their innovation of holograms, which are commonly used to protect various stamps against counterfeiting, could also be used in control panels of cars.


Holographic features such as those used on banknotes or stickers to ensure their genuineness, are based on a complex structured surface which reflects the light in a way that creates a 3D image.


The innovation developed by IQ Structures enables the creation of a 3D hologram, which can be observed from different angles.


“Moreover, the hologram is fully synthetic, hence all of its properties can be observed using a computer,” the company said in a press release.


The synthetic hologram can display even non-existing objects and various devices can be controlled by using it.


The company’s director Tomas Tethal said he saw potential for use of this technology in medicine, too.


The technology enables exact spatial imaging using computer technology, while being relatively cheap even when used on a large scale.


“They are the first fully synthetic full-colour holograms in the world, which can be replicated industrially on a large scale,” the company said.


According to Tethal, the company is now elaborating ways of transferring the hologram from an image into matter, which would open it to applications in machinery, medicine, microchemical production, printed electronics and politics.


Over 60 companies from 23 countries attended the Barcelona holographic conference and the company was the only participant representing the Czech Republic. The company also designs nanostructures of material surfaces that change their properties.