William Malcolm

Czech Electric Car Sales Up 90% In 2020

The number of registered passenger electric cars in the Czech Republic increased by almost 90 percent last year to 7,103 vehicles. Together with plug-in hybrids, there were nearly 10,000 cars with external charging in the country, according to the Transport Research Center data.

At the end of last year, there were 6.13 million passenger cars in the Czech Republic. Total sales of new cars fell by 19 percent year on year, while electric cars’ sales increased by 331 percent and plug-in hybrids by 318 percent.

Among eco-friendly cars, LPG and CNG cars still predominate, of which 105,000 and 21,000, respectively, are on the register, but electric vehicles have recently gained more. “For example, last year, gas and electricity accounted for a total of 3.85 percent of registrations of new passenger cars, of which 2.58 percent were electric vehicles,” said Jan Bezděkovský, the commissioner of the Minister of Transport for Clean Mobility.

From the point of view of brands, in electric cars, Škoda registered the most registrations last year with 1,654 cars, followed by Tesla (396) and Hyundai (342). Škoda also leads in the total number of electric cars on Czech roads with 1,713 electric cars, the second being Volkswagen (862) and the third BMW (613). Along with a total of 1,037 cars, Škoda also leads in the number of registered plug-in hybrids.

This year, hydrogen-powered cars will probably start talking into the statistics for the first time. With the first filling stations’ planned opening, the Japanese Toyota wants to launch its Mirai fuel-cell car.