William Malcolm

Czech Hybrid Car Sales Jump 174% In First Half Of 2021

Sales of new hybrid cars increased by 174 percent year-on-year to 11,063 cars in the first half of the year. Of this, plug-in plug-in hybrids tripled to 2,187 cars. On the contrary, sales of electric cars stagnated at 1,262 cars compared to last year, which is only eight more than last year. Cars with fully or partially electric drive accounted for almost 11 percent of total sales of new cars in the Czech Republic. This follows from the data of the Association of Car Importers.

By offering hybrid and electric cars, carmakers are reducing average emissions per fleet of cars they produce. They face sanctions in the EU for exceeding the limits.

The hybrid category is still dominated by Toyota with 2,702 cars sold, followed by Ford with sales of 1,539 cars and the third is Škoda Auto, which sold 1,292 octavias and superbos with hybrid drive. In the category of plug-in hybrids, Škoda was the best-selling 774 cars.

The share of hybrid drives in Toyota’s sales in the first half of the year exceeded 52 percent. “The smooth stock availability of selected models and sufficient production allocation with a standard delivery time also contributed to our success. We want to support the interest in hybrids with an educational campaign in the summer,” Toyota CEO in the Czech Republic Martin Peleška told ČTK.

It sold the most electric cars thanks to the launch of the Enyaq Škoda model with 461 registrations, followed by Volkswagen with 159 cars and Tesla with 119 electric cars sold. According to the head of the Czech Škoda dealership, Jiří Maláček, almost 100 enyaqs sold in June are a cause for optimism, in contrast to stagnant deliveries of other models due to missing parts. The plan to support electromobility in our country with a car that combines modern, fully electric operation with features that not only Czech customers of the Škoda brand appreciate is still on the right track, “he added.