Petr Dubinsky

Czech Republic Ranks Among 10 Worst European Countries For Women To Work

Bulgaria offers the best conditions for women in the labor market, while the Czech Republic is on the tail with France, Spain, and Germany in the ranking of thirty European countries, according to a study commissioned by the British marketing agency Reboot. The evaluation criteria included the number of women in management positions, salary conditions, and maternity leave.

“Overall results suggest that Europe has made some progress on gender equality in the workplace. Balkan countries such as Bulgaria and Croatia have ranked high, indicating improvements. on gender equality is still slow in Europe, “said Reboot boss Naomi Aharony.

The agency assessed three areas, based on data from the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and information from the World Population Review server. In each area, the country could score a maximum of 100 points; victorious Bulgaria scored 236.6 points. He was helped in particular by the maximum gain of 100 points under the conditions of maternity leave, which lasts at least 410 days in Bulgaria, which is the longest maternity leave in the world and provides an income of 90 percent of the original salary.

The Czech Republic was ahead of 21 countries in the evaluation, as it scored only 110 points out of 300, while in the field of equal opportunities it gained only ten points. “In terms of women in leadership positions and economic opportunities, the Czech Republic has disappointed its women. The country holds only 11.15 percent of women in management positions, and in terms of women’s opportunities compared to men, the Czech Republic is among the last five,” he said. message.

However, the unflattering position in the top ten also fell to many Western European countries, including Belgium, Germany, and Austria. Slovakia finished in fourth place together with Norway, before it, in addition to Bulgaria, only Croatia and Estonia penetrated.