William Malcolm

Czech Retail Sales Down 2% In June

The volume of retail sales in the Czech Republic declined by two percent year-on-year in June, according to seasonally adjusted figures released by the Czech Statistical Office.

“Revenues from fuels and food decreased year-on-year, while revenues from the sale of non-food goods increased by almost five percent. Higher sales were recorded in stores with household needs as well as cultural and sports needs. However, Internet sales have maintained the highest pace for a long time, “said Marie Boušková, Director of the CZSO Services Statistics Department.

Automotive fuel sales fell by 8.4 percent, and food saw a 3.3 percent drop compared to last June, which was offset by an increase in sales of non-food goods by 4.7 percent.

Online and mail-order sales jumped by 27.8 percent year-on-year.

In specialized stores with non-food goods, sales of other household equipment grew by 9.9%. Information and communication equipment grew by 6.1%. Cultural and recreational products increased by 4.3%. Pharmacy sales, including medical and orthopedic goods, grew by 2.3%.

On the other hand, sales decreased in stores with clothing, footwear, and leather goods by 16.4%. Sales of food decreased in specialized stores by 2.4%, and in non-specialized stores, with food, beverages, or tobacco, they fell by 3.4%.

Revenues from the sale and repair of motor vehicles, adjusted for calendar effects, were 17.3 percent lower than last June, a month-on-month increase of 8.7 percent.