William Malcolm

Czech RV Sales Jump 250% Amid Pandemic

Delivery times of new motor homes on the Czech market have doubled this year and often range between one and two years. The reason is the high demand, which increased year on year by 200 percent for smaller cars and even by 250 percent for cars over 3.5 tons. Significantly higher interest in motor homes surprised most sellers because they do not have such large deliveries contracted. The Camping and Caravanning Association announced it today.

In recent years, 2,000 new motor homes have been sold annually in the Czech Republic and their total registered number is around 20,000.

“The offer of motor homes is limited, the ordering time for new cars has been significantly extended. Even before the covid, it was six to 12 months, today the deadlines are often double,” Jan Pacovský from the association said. According to the motorhome dealer FC Morelo CZ, now is the ideal time to address this issue for those who are considering a new motorhome for next summer.

Restrictions on travel options and restrictions during a pandemic mean that people who have never considered spending their free time in the past are starting to buy a motorhome. According to the association, 80 percent of the total number of new owners are.

The increase in interest in buying motor homes began to show in the spring of last year. According to the association, during the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic, people realized that they were afraid not only to travel by plane but also to stay in hotels or boarding houses due to the infection. In addition to their own recreational facilities, motorhomes have become almost the only way to travel, she added.

At the same time, most customers are satisfied with smaller motor homes, for which they only need a group B driving license. However, there is a growing interest in more spacious and more equipped motor homes over 3.5 tonnes, which can carry, for example, a small car. “If you once try motorhomes that have enough living and storage space, it will be difficult to be satisfied with a small car in the future. You will feel cramped in it and have a problem storing luggage and especially leisure equipment on longer trips,” said Pavla. He trained from FC Morelo CZ.