Defense Ministry Audit Blames Accounting Error For Kc3 Billion Shortfall

Prague, July 2 (CTK) – The Supreme Audit Office (NKU) found errors worth three billion crowns in the accounting of the Czech Defence Ministry last year, but the ministry was able to reprieve the failings during the check already, the NKU said in its press release today.


The Defence Ministry also eliminated most of the problems highlighted by previous checks, the NKU said.


The NKU was checking the accountancy and the statement of finances of the Defence Ministry for 2017.


“The Defence Ministry eliminated major inconsistencies for three billion crowns the auditors found in the bookkeeping during the check and before the account books were closed,” the NKU report said.


“Other mistakes in the statement of accounts were not of major importance. They related to long-term intangible assets, the proceeds from the sale of aircraft and distribution of costs in time,” it added.


The auditors also found minor mistakes in the data presented for the assessment of the fulfilment of the state budget.


The mistakes primarily appeared when sorting the expenditures on IT. However, the ministry did not have any mistakes in the summary accounts, the report said.


The auditors also wanted to know how the Defence Ministry had reprieved the failings uncovered in previous checks.


“The ministry adopted reprieving measures for all of them and most errors were already eliminated,” the NKU said.