Matt Atlas

Doctor At Center Of Czech Olympic Team Outbreak Says He’s Not Patient Zero

Criticized doctor Vlastimil Voráček, the first positive case from the Czech charter flight to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, objected to the fact that he is described as the source of the infection. He did not and does not have covid-19 symptoms. According to him, it is not clear who could infect whom. Another positive test in the case of beach volleyball player Ondřej Perušič appeared during daily inspections in the Olympic Village on Sunday, the day after Voráček. Gradually, another four cases followed.

According to Voráček, a long-time doctor of the Czech fedcup team, he fulfilled all the conditions for inclusion in the Czech team. “Regarding the Tokyo Olympics, certain preconditions have been set by the organizers of the games, according to which the athlete and the escort can participate. Vaccination has been entered as voluntary,” he said. He is convinced that he flew away healthy. “In addition to the mandatory negative PCR tests before departure, even in different laboratories, I test independently and check and maintain immunologically relevant parameters in the blood and thus increase my resistance. I am completely fit, “he said in a statement to the media.

A positive result showed a test that all accredited participants in the games must pass at the airport. They can’t go on without him. Other passengers in the special, including fourteen athletes, were negative at the time. Voracek insists that this does not prove that he must have been the source of the infection. “In all these circumstances, it is not at all clear who, how, whom and when he could have been infected. I oppose that it had to be me just because I was the first to test positively with an unvalidated PCR test,” he said.

He is not going to be vaccinated against coronavirus. “I have a positive attitude towards vaccination, unless the vaccination is and has been properly tested (for mRNA vaccines for about 10 years) and has a full registration (see Pfizer package leaflet),” said Voracek, who was a doctor for a successful tennis team at previous Olympics. games in Rio.

Pfizer has conditional registration. “This medicine is subject to additional monitoring,” the manufacturer states in the package leaflet. He is due to present a final clinical study in December 2023.

Apart from Voráček, other positively tested Czech Olympians also had no symptoms. Captured today, Markéta Nausch Sluková still shared videos on social networks on Wednesday, how she trains with her partner Barbora Hermann in medicine in the room. So far, the last victim is cyclist Michal Schlegel, after Perušič, table tennis player Pavel Širuček and beach volleyball coach Simon Nausch also had a positive test.