Drahos: Zeman Divides Society

Prague, (CTK) – President Milos Zeman or his presidential rival, academic Jiri Drahos, would not stop the criminal prosecution of Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) in the Capi hnizdo EU subsidy fraud case, they said during the presidential debate on Czech Television today.


Zeman said he believed that Babis had not made any fraud, Drahos, former head of the Czech Academy of Sciences, said he had some doubts about it.


“I have no reason to presume that such a billionaire, such as Babis, would make a cheat over 50 million crowns,” Zeman said.


Drahos said he had some doubts about the prime minister, but stressed that the decision was to be made by an independent court.


The Chamber of Deputies has released Babis for prosecution over the case.


Drahos said Zeman was a representative of the past era, the power-sharing pact called “opposition agreement” between the ruling Social Democrats and the opposition Civic Democratic Party (ODS) in 1998 and clientelism.


He said he would like to take something different to Prague Castle, the seat of Czech heads of state.


Zeman said that Drahos did not understand politics at all. “Politics is a craft that must be learnt for long,” he added.


Drahos said instead of uniting society, Zeman divides it