Matt Atlas

Embassy Urges Czech’s In US Book Flights Home

The Czech Embassy in the United States recommends Czech citizens book flights to Europe now as cancellations mount driving ticket prices up.

The embassy confirmed that there will be a repatriation flight from Chicago to Prague next week. The flight is for Czech citizens unable to travel via commercial carriers. Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek said it will be the only flight the government will arrange from the USA.

Airline cuts are expected to continue in the coming days and weeks, leading to sharp increases in ticket prices. Flights from New York or Chicago to Prague are currently available with a transfer in Dublin this week. We recommend not postponing the purchase of a ticket to the Czech Republic,” the embassy said on its website.

On Twitter, the embassy confirmed that a repatriation flight for Czech citizens is being prepared for the beginning of next week. “From the USA, it will be the only option we offer,” Petricek wrote about the upcoming flight. Czech diplomacy has long called on citizens to make use of commercial airlines. Repatriation flights should be for people who do not have the opportunity to arrange transport back to their home country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has helped 3,500 people return to the Czech Republic. Additional repatriation flights will take place in the following days.