Energo-Pro Karakurt Dam Turkey

William Malcolm

Energo-Pro Completes Construction Of Karakurt Dam

Czech energy company Energo-Pro has completed the construction of the Karakurt dam in Turkey. It has begun filling the 36 km long reservoir.

The total estimated cost of the project is $220 million (CZK 5 billion).

The Karakurt dam, at the height of 137 meters, is one of the highest gravity dams with an asphalt-core in the world. It is also one of the largest power plants in the companies portfolio with a 100 megawatt installed capacity.

The companies Turkish subsidiary started construction on the dam in 2017 and the power plant in 2018. At its peak, the project employed 1,200 workers on a 24/7 shift schedule.

Construction of the main components of the dam completed in February. Now, the company will complete mechanical and electrical work on the power plant. The filling of the dam is will take six months. Turbine testing will begin in May.

Several Energo-Pro group companies participated in the construction of the Karakurt waterworks. For instance, Litostroj Turkey in Ankara manufactured the impellers and spirals of the three Francis turbines and generators. Also, Litostroj Engineering designed turbines and generators.

This year, Energo-Pro will also complete the Alpaslan 2 dam power plant in Turkey. Both power plants will cost over CZK 16 billion.

Energo-Pro, founded in 1994 in Svitavy. The Group owns and operates 36 hydropower plants in four countries – Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic. In addition to hydropower, it handles the distribution and sale of electricity. It operates distribution networks in Bulgaria and Georgia, with more than two million customers.