Environment Inspection Begins Proceedings Over Trunks Burnt At Prague Castle

Miloš Zeman

Prague, Aug 13 (CTK) – The Czech Environment Inspection (CIZP) has launched proceedings over the boxer shorts President Milos Zeman burnt at the Prague Castle in reaction to a 2015 Ztohoven activists’ protest against him, Presidential Office spokesman Jiri Ovcacek told to CTK today.


Zeman said in June he acquired the trunks from the Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs (UZSVM). He explained his gesture with a proclamation that politics should be done based on an exchange of arguments, not based on underwear. The time of underwear in politics is over, he noted.


Firefighters set the pants on fire and burnt them. The event took place near a pond in the Lumbe Garden, one of the gardens surrounding the presidential seat.


According to CIZP spokeswoman Radka Nastoupilova, the Inspection started the proceedings on Friday. The CIZP decision involves a 15-day period when the accused may propose pieces of evidence and address the ground materials of the decision.


Nevertheless, Nastoupilova did not reveal the identity of the accused party with regard to the ongoing proceedings.


According to the Aktualne.cz server, CIZP has been dealing with the case since June, when it received an anonymous motion regarding a possible breach of the law on air protection due to burning other than plant materials in an open fireplace.


Radek Stransky, the Castle firefighters commander, refused to comment on the case for the server.


“I will just say that we have been informed about the matter,” Ovcacek said.


In 2015, the Ztohoven group climbed atop the roof of the Prague Castle palace disguised as chimney sweepers and replaced the presidential standard for red trunks. The activists wrapped the flag and threw it off the roof. Later, the group announced that it cut it in pieces and distributed to Czech citizens. This was in protest against Zeman’s behaviour as the president. The red trunks then became a symbol of resistance against Zeman. A court imposed suspended sentences on Ztohoven members.