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EP Global Launches New Takeover Bid For Metro

Daniel Kretinsky has launched a new takeover bid for Metro AG. Kretinsky’s EP Global Commerce announced their voluntary public takeover offer for shares in the German company in a notice on its website.

Křetínský, who is acting in concert with his long-time business companion Patrik Tkáč, wants to take over all ordinary shares and all the remaining preference shares of Metro. The estimated offer price per ordinary share is approximately EUR 8.49 and approximately EUR 8.87 per preferred share.

The offer is not subject to any minimum limit on the number of shares offered. It aims to increase the stake of EPGC in the German retail chain above the 30% threshold and thus gain more flexibility on how to proceed.

The cash offer price for the ordinary and the preference share corresponds to the statutory minimum cost, which is equal to the amount corresponding to Metro’s relevant weighted average stock exchange price during the last three months. On Friday, the shares closed at 8.32 euros.

Kretinsky entered the German wholesale chain owned by Makro wholesalers on the domestic market in the summer of 2018.

The investment is held by EP Global Commerce, where Křetínský has a 53 percent share, Tkáč owns the rest of the company. Both are also co-owners of the Czech News Center publishing house, which also operates the economic website

The billionaire duo began investing in the German company by buying 7.3 percent of Metro’s ordinary shares from Haniel in the summer of 2018. “We appreciate the fact that we were able to become a major shareholder in Metro AG,” commented Daniel Křetínský. In addition to the shares, EPGC also acquired a pre-emptive right to an additional 15.2 percent of Metro’s shares held by Haniel.

Gradually, Křetínský and Tkáč increased their share when they bought the last shares from Haniel last October, thus gaining 29.99 percent of the company’s ordinary shares in the German retail chain.

The company’s shares are not doing very well this year, having lost over forty percent of their value since the beginning of the year.