William Malcolm

EU Imposes 48% Tariff On Aluminum from China

The European Union will impose duties of up to 48% on imports of aluminum extrusions from China midway through an investigation into whether Chinese producers are selling at unfairly low prices.

Czech aluminum producers and processors approve the European Union’s decision to impose a provisional duty of up to 48 percent on China’s aluminum products. Representatives of Czech aluminum plants see this as a protection of price and quality interests. According to them, too low prices offered by Chinese companies eliminated competition in Europe.

“We have met with competition from China on several occasions, and the prices it offered were sometimes less than the cost of raw material or material. I think this is the right move from the EU. more room for local European producers to establish themselves in Europe and not be under so much pressure from Chinese competitors at dumped prices, “Miloš Hnízdil, director of Aisin Europe Manufacturing Czech in Písek, said.

The Písek company supplies engine parts to European and Japanese cars. Aisin buys raw material, aluminum ingots, mainly in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Austria.

“Chinese imports amounted to about 200,000 tons to the European Union and were dumped. Decin fought for anti-dumping measures, and it finally worked out. We worked on it together for almost a year with other mills in Europe. It has its supporters and those who oppose it. clu bří, these are mainly importers, “Jiří Palma, director of Constellium Děčín, which is the largest producer of aluminum semi-finished products in the Czech Republic, said.

According to Palma, low prices gradually eliminated production throughout Europe. “The pressure has paid off. The interests of the manufacturers have been heard, and the process has been completed with a decision,” he said. This is a duty on moldings that have a massive weight. According to him, they are thick materials. “This is an important segment for us. We expect an improvement in the demand side,” added Palma. The US has previously imposed US tariffs on these products, which has worsened Europe’s situation as Chinese companies have focused on its market.

Holding MTX Group, which includes outside the production plants in Kamenice near Prague or Bruntál, considers such a form of protectionism for a given type of product in an order. “We perceive this as the protection of price and quality interests. I believe that this measure should not have a real effect on our activity,” Ondřej Hamer, on behalf of the holding, said.

The EU will impose a provisional duty on imports of aluminum extrusions from China with effect from Wednesday. The duties will apply until Brussels investigates whether Chinese producers are selling their products at an unfairly low price. Tariffs range from 30.4 percent to 48 percent. The EU intends to complete the investigation by April. It should then introduce definitive duties valid for five years.

The European Commission (EC), which coordinates the 27 EU countries’ policy, launched an investigation into imports of products widely used in transport, construction, and electronics in February. It thus responded to a complaint from the European Aluminum Association, whose members include Norsk Hydro, Rio Tinto, and Alcoa. The Chinese Metal Producers’ Association has declared the complaint unfounded.