Andrej Babis Agrofert

Matt Atlas

European Commissioner Targets Babis Over Conflict Of Interest

Agrofert, Andrej Babiš, EU Subsidy Fraud, European Commission

The Czech prime minister’s possible conflict of interest regarding EU subsidies to the holding Agrofert is an absolute priority for the European Commission in view of EU budget protection, European Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said on Wednesday.


The European Commission has conducted an extensive audit at Czech ministries regarding the subsidies for Agrofert amounting to some two billion crowns. Transparecny International warned of Mr Babiš’s possible conflict of interest last year, saying he continued to benefit from the holding despite placing it in trust funds.


In a letter to Czech MEP Tomáš Zdechovský, Mr Oettinger said the results of the audit are being carefully analysed. Czech authorities are set to receive the results of the audit in mid-May.


Via Radio Praha