Tomio Okamura SPD chairman

Matt Atlas

Facebook Threatens To Ban Far-Right SPD Party

Facebook is threatening to ban the Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) party and its chairman Tomia Okamura for violating community standards.

The SPD Facebook page received a warning that “Your site is at risk of being revoked due to continued violations of community standards,” an SPD spokesman said.

“We consider it an attack on our constitution and the charter of civil liberties and a violation of equal, free and free competition of political parties,” Okamura said.

According to the SPD, the abolition of Facebook pages would mean a violation of the parties’ competition, because profiles on the social network are a means of communication with voters.

If Facebook removes the pages, the SPD says they will sue the company. Facebook’s rules can not take precedence over laws and constitutional rights, Okamura said.