Falun Gong protest outside Chinese embassy in Prague


Falun Gong Protests Outside Chinese Embassy In Prague

Prague Protest

Prague, July 20 (CTK) – Over 60 supporters of the Falun Gong spiritual movement held a silent rally outside the Chinese embassy in Prague today in protest against the movement’s persecution by the Chinese regime and also to mark the 19th anniversary of the oppression.


The protesters wanted to enhance the public awareness of Falun Gong members being killed in China for human organ-trafficking with the state’s approval.


Most of the participants spent the protest in silent meditation. Some carried photographs of people persecuted by the Chinese regime, some had their mouth taped and carried plaques with their blood type written on them.


Two protesters played doctors who “were taking organs away” from another participant. Other wore uniforms of the Chinese police.


No one answered the door at the embassy, therefore the protesters cast a letter into the mailbox.


“The whole world can see it and considers such approach shameful and incompatible with the principles of democratic society. China must stop this persecution for its shame to end and China to become a country respected by advanced democratic countries,” Jaroslava Musilova cited from the protesters’ letter.


Falun Gong’s meditation methods ensue from Buddhism, including slow, energetic exercises and emphasising values such as truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. It has been practiced by people in more than 100 countries worldwide.


In China, too, the movement was originally supported by the government, but its members have been persecuted since July 1999, reportedly also because the number of its followers exceeded the number of the Chinese Communist Party.


A Czech petition against Falun Gong’s persecution has been signed by 38,000 people and will thus be discussed by the Senate, the upper house of parliament.


In the petition, also addressed to the lower house, the Health Ministry and top constitutional officials, the signatories demand that Czech political leaders contribute to protecting the movement’s followers by rejecting their persecution, consistently speaking about human rights at meetings with Chinese representatives and promoting a bill on transplant tourism.