Vojtěch Filip KSCM

William Malcolm

Filip (KSČM) Slammed For Blaming Rising Pork Prices On Lety Farm Closure

Vojtech Filip

Communist party leader Vojtěch Filip has come under fire for linking the growing price of pork on the market to the closure of the Lety pig farm in South Bohemia, which stood on the site of a former Nazi concentration camp for Romanies.


The Museum of Romany Culture, which had been pushing for the farm’s closure for years so as to enable the authorities to build a dignified memorial to the victims, said it was shocked by Filip’s words, noting that the closure of the offensive pig farm had been an important step in preserving the memory of the nation.


It moreover cited the Association of Czech Pig Breeders as saying that the growing price of pork stemmed from growing prices on world markets in connection with the incidence of swine fever in China and had nothing to do with the closure of the Lety farm.


The Social Democratic Party called Filip’s populist claim “repulsive”.


Via Radio Praha