Petr Dubinsky

Five Parties Sign Deal To Form Government

The chairmen of the Spolice coalitions (ODS, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09) and Pirates with Mayors and Independents (STAN) today signed a government coalition agreement in the Chamber of Deputies. The current opposition coalitions agreed on the document last week, and planned the ceremonial signing on the day of the opening of the inaugural meeting of the new Chamber of Deputies. The 18-member government, which will be based on 108 deputies, will be chaired by the head of the Civic Democrats, Petr Fiala.

According to Fiala, the cabinet must quickly solve the problems that plague the Czechia. It wants to lead the country out of the health, economic and value crisis. “In addition to short-term tasks, we also have systemic changes that will move the Czech Republic forward,” he told reporters before signing the agreement. The state must manage better, build flats or roads and give the young generation a perspective, he added.

The ceremonial signing took place in the office of the Speaker of the Chamber. In addition to the chairmen of the individual parties, the heads of the parliamentary groups of the future five-party coalition were at the signing.

The chairwoman of TOP 09, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, stated that the coalition wants to curb the country’s indebtedness, that its priority is a clear declaration on the Western course and NATO, as well as that all generations live well. “We realize that we are not coming to rule, but to administer the country for future generations,” she said. The chairman of the People’s Party, Marian Jurečka, emphasized that the government would focus on supporting families, but also wanted to improve the atmosphere in society. “It is necessary to improve communication, not only in material but also in value form, to build bridges,” he said.

The chairman of the Pirates, Ivan Bartoš, emphasized that the coalitions promised the electorate a future in a democratic government “without the riots of the oligarchs”. According to the head of STAN Vít Austrušan, the government heard the demand of voters for an educational society and a clear direction to the West. “We will try to do everything to ensure that voters do not experience the emotions of disappointment,” he said.

At the end of last week, the coalition agreement was supported by the broader leadership of the Mayors, the Civic Democrats, TOP 09 and the People’s Party. The pirates commissioned the party’s chairman Ivan Bartoš to sign the coalition agreement today, and will decide on its ratification in a vote of all members, which will probably take place over the weekend and end on Monday. “I hope it will be successful and we will have the approval processes from all sides completed,” said Fiala.

According to Fiala, the inaugural meeting of the Chamber of Deputies could end this week. “Then the government of Andrej Babiš (ANO) will resign, then I would expect my meeting with the president (Miloš Zeman) to come and we will talk about the next steps,” said Fiala.

Political scientist Fiala wants to be inspired in the past as well. “The aggressive, ruthless, populist policy of constantly shouting to the public, disturbing people and insulting entire social groups must end. We must return to discussing and listening to opinions that we may not agree with,” Fiala said. According to him, aggression has so far divided society so far, but it has also been inefficient and expensive.

Fiala has no indication that Zeman is hesitant with some of the ministerial candidates

The leader of the new governing coalition, Fiala, has no signals that President Zeman would not agree with the group’s candidates for ministers. He doesn’t even know them yet, he said at the signing of the coalition agreement today. He negotiated with Zeman on Saturday via video conference. The candidate for prime minister expects constitutional procedures to be followed by all constitutional officials.

Even if the inaugural meeting of the Chamber of Deputies is extended, it is realistic, according to Fiala, that it will end this week. Immediately, the resigning cabinet of the YES and CSSD movements could submit a resignation, he assumes. Next week, he could then meet again with the president, this time in person, he expects.

“Let’s not anticipate and anticipate what may not even happen,” he said, asking about the president’s possible reservations about the nominees, who should take over the ministries. “I have no signal that the president is hesitant, he does not even know them yet,” he said, adding that this stage of the negotiations was still waiting for him.

According to him, the constitution speaks quite clearly. It is the prime minister who submits the ministerial proposal and the president should accept it, he said. “I believe, I want to believe that all constitutional officials are aware of their role,” he concluded.

Together and PirSTAN they count on coalition councils and meetings of K5 and K15 formats

The coalition agreement, which was signed by the coalitions of Together and the Pirates with STAN, provides for a coalition council twice a year. It also contains the rules of conduct of the chairmen of the five parties marked K5 and wider teams in K15 format. The Coalition Together and PirSTAN also agreed to coordinate a possible joint approach in the event of a presidential election in the K5 format.

According to the agreement, the parties respect the right of the Prime Minister to propose to the President the appointment and removal of members of the Government. “For each such step, the Prime Minister will seek the support of the relevant coalition party. The chairman of the relevant coalition party submits proposals to dismiss and appoint a member of government nominated for this party to the Prime Minister. document.

The coalition council is to be held at least twice a year. In addition to the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the individual parties, the heads of their parliamentary clubs and the general managers or secretaries-general also take part. “In addition to current tasks, it also addresses the long-term tasks and perspectives of joint governance. Members of the government and other guests may be invited,” the agreement said.

At the request of any chairman of the coalition party, but at least once a month, meetings of five leaders marked K5 will be held. As a general rule, wider teams composed of the chairmen of the parties and two other representatives of each body should meet every two months. “K15 solves current and medium-term tasks and continuously evaluates the fulfillment of the coalition agreement. It also adequately solves personnel matters, including the discussion of possible proposals for changes in the composition of the government,” the agreement states.

The document provides for regular meetings of the chairmen of the parliamentary groups of all five parties and for the meetings of all 108 members of the Together and PirSTAN, as a rule, before important votes in the Chamber. A proposal will be considered coalition-agreed, for which an absolute majority of the present members of the government from each coalition will vote. “Each coalition has the right, before the government meeting, to mark any proposal as a proposal requiring coalition agreement,” the agreement states.

The parties then undertake to support the coalitions agreed in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. “Amendments to the coalition-agreed government bills will be supported by the parties in both chambers of the Parliament only by mutual agreement,” they said. In cases where the coalition does not find agreement on certain issues in the government, the agreement provides for mechanisms of conciliation and conciliation at the level of K15 or the coalition council.

According to the agreement, the ODS will occupy five ministries in the government, namely the Ministries of Finance, Transport, Justice, Culture and Defense. The Ministers of the Interior, Education, Industry and Trade and the Minister for European Affairs will be in charge. Pirates include the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the functions of the Minister for Legislation, the People’s Party of Ministries of Labor, Agriculture and the Environment and TOP 09 the Minister of Health and the Minister of Science.