Petr Dubinsky

Foreign Entrepreneurs Arriving From Ukraine, Vietnam And Slovakia

The Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade published the list of nationalities of foreign entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic.

The top three were Ukraine (21,830 entrepreneurs), followed closely by Vietnam (21,500 entrepreneurs) and Slovakia in third position (17,150 entrepreneurs). These three were followed by Germany (3,157) and Russia (3,014) in fourth and fifth position respectively. Poland (2,474) and Great Britain (1,753) were also reported to have large numbers of their citizens running businesses in the Czech Republic. At the other end of the list were Guernsey and Burkina Faso, with one entrepreneur from each of them.


The overall number of foreign entrepreneurs has been rising gradually over the years. In 2016, there were 85,017 foreign and 1,905,374 Czech entrepreneurs. The Czech Republic was home to 88,814 foreign entrepreneurs in 2018. With 1,930,027 entrepreneurs, Czechs have unsurprisingly been by far the biggest national group of entrepreneurs in the country and remained so this year.


In 2016, the Czech Republic was home to 14,950 entrepreneurs from Slovakia (giving a 15% increase from 2016-2018) and 2,589 from Russia (16% more in 2018). On the other hand, the Czech Republic was the place of business for 22,665 citizens from Vietnam in 2016, 5.4% more than in 2018. The number of Ukrainian entrepreneurs has also decreased slightly in 2018.